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  • Feed the life, nourish life and sustain the family

  • Ms. Pauline Tufigno, Cana Movement Council member, NFP Team Co-ordinator and Board member of IEEF, recently attended the NFP 2015 World Congress in Milan, Italy, and presented a paper on young people and sexual risk taking. Ms Tufigno also chaired two scientific sessions.

    The Institute of Family Life Education (IEEF), a European institution of Natural Family Planning organisations and Fondazione Camen Onlus – Centro Ambrosiano Metodi Naturali (CAMEN) of Milan, organised an international congress on Natural Family Planning (NFP) in conjunction with the theme of the current Milan Expo, with the title ‘Feed the life, nourish life and sustain the family’.  The international congress was held at the Universita’ Bicocca of Milan between June 11 -14, 2015.  It was attended by 400 participants from 40 countries from all over the world.

    In conjunction with the international congress, IEEF organised its annual general assembly which was attended by participants from Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Belarus and Kirghizstan.

    The international congress was well organised and packed with a main and parallel sessions.  The Scientific programme on ‘Natural Fertility Regulation – Scientific Basis’ with 8 different scientific sessions was held in the Aula Magna of the Bicocca University.  The main Symposium on ‘The conjugal intimacy in God’s design’ with different experiences from North America, Europe and Asia and Western Europe.   There were also 3 oral communication sessions on NFP and the family, workshops on ‘Sexuality Education’, ‘Infertility and nutrition’, ‘Value of different NFP Method in Diagnosis & Treatment of Marital Subfertility or other reproductive health problems’, ‘Ethics of Sexuality’, ‘NFP and the Midwifery profession’, ‘Changes in the sexual behaviour of couples and NFP’.

    There were also scientific posters and NFP organisations posters exhibition and video projects of NFP organisations.

    There were various testimonials from Italy, France, Poland, Russia, Congo, Kenya, Vietnam, Kirghizstan.

    Among the prominent speakers were: H. E. Msgr. George Nkuo, Bishop of Kumbo (Cameroun), Rev. Msgr. Luca Bressan, Episcopal Vicar for Culture, Charity, Mission and Social Action. Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milan, Rev. Msgr. Prof. Livio Melina, President of the John Paul II Institute, Prof. Jose’ Noriega, John Paul II Institute, NaPro Technology experts Prof. Philip Doyle, Ireland and Prof. Joe Stanford, University of Utah among others.

    The next international congress is planned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Humane Vitae in Rome in 2018.

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