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  • Newsletter March 2018
    Who are we? What is our aim?

    The Mother and Baby Club, founded in 1983, is a branch of Cana Movement. The aim of the Club is to help parents find the support they need and feel self confident in being able to face all the difficulties throughout the childhood period.

    What do we offer?

    The Mother and Baby Club offers services such as Playgroups for children between the ages of one and a half years up to three years. These children must always be accompanied by an adult. Get-togethers are organized regularly for our members, their relatives and friends. In these Get-togethers, professional guest speakers are invited to give educational talks. A Christmas Party is organized annually for our young members. We also organize Easter and Summer outings to various interesting places, where the whole family can relax and enjoy itself together. Mother's Day is a special occasion for our Club. Mass is celebrated at the Addolorata Cemetery Chapel for the repose of departed mothers. Committee members visit new mothers in hospital.

    More about our Playgroups

    The main aim of these playgroups is to create an adequate environment, where parents find the much needed support to deal positively with difficulties encountered during the upbringing of children. At the same time, the children themselves have the opportunity to play and learn with other children.

    A child has a natural desire to learn, eager to observe and discover the world around us. With a curious mind, a child is excited to explore. With a growing body and mind, he runs with open arms to embrace each new adventure.

    As he plays, he learns. Learning through play happens naturally. And the parents' involvement with their young children's learning process, provides the best setting in which the young mind thrives.

    Therefore such playgroups, besides their social aspect, create a great opportunity where the physical, mental and emotional aspects are skilfully coordinated.

    Are you interested in joining our Playgroups?

    At present, the Mother and Baby Club has various playgroups around the island.

    For further details about the playgroups kindly contact Playgroups Co-ordinator Ms. Tania Cortis on 21433673 or 79326034.

    Playgroups are held once a week and are of two-hour duration, against a minimal fee. They start from October and go on up to June.

    Do you wish to become a member?

    Anyone willing to volunteer, may join as a member and become eligible as committee member after six months of membership.


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