• Selfhelp Group for Separted Persons


    Cana Movement's Selfhelp Group for Separated Persons was set up in October 1997. It is open to all separated persons, preferably those who have not yet come to terms with the trauma of their marriage separation or annulment. The Group is led by an experienced facilitator, who is also a marriage counsellor. A co-facilitator handles the Group's administration, organizes lectures, and assists the facilitator.


    The main aim of this self-help group is to provide support for persons who are experiencing the trauma of marriage separation, annulment and/or divorce.

    Separated persons very often face various difficulties, including problems of a psychological, social, and spiritual nature. During meetings of this self-help group, the members are given the opportunity to re-discover their self-esteem and potential, come to terms with their psychological, emotional, social and spiritual suffering, and encouraged to re-shape their life and start afresh.

    This Group also helps members obtain accurate information regarding matters relevant to their particular situation. From time to time, the Group also invites experts from various fields to talk to members and answer any questions they may have.


    The main activity of this Group is the forth nightly meeting. The members themselves organize also various social activities outside the Group meetings, which help them to achieve social inclusion.


    The number of marriage breakdowns, separations and divorces is on the increase. Cana Movement ceaselessly continues to offer beneficial support to separated persons.


    Further information on the Selfhelp Group for Separated Persons may be obtained from:

    Cana Movement

    Head Office

    Catholic Institute

    St. Publius Street

    Floriana VLT 16

    Tel : 2223 8000

    E-mail address : info@canamovement.org

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