Reflexive & Positive Parenting Courses

Cana is offering parenting courses based on positive parenting principles with the aim of improving and strengthening child-adult-family-community relationships for the wellness of all.


What do we believe in?

Our therapeutic work with clients informs us that parenting / child-care giving is an extremely rewarding yet demanding and unique experience requiring countless skills. Accordingly, parents / child-caregivers research information regularly to support their infinite care-giving needs in hopes of finding suitable solutions for their families and / or the children / adolescents they care for. However, we also notice how caring and well-intentioned parents / child-caregivers often consult inaccurate sources and / or lack the know-how to apply findings to their unique circumstances. We therefore felt compelled to outline a theory-based parenting course to help parents / child-care givers access accurate child-rearing information and top-up their parenting tool box with additional positive discipline skills.


Our Approach

Positive discipline is built on the idea that children / adolescents are naturally hardwired to seek praise and acknowledgment as well as loving guidance, support and understanding from adults. By using positive discipline, adults can regenerate their relationships with children / adolescents and teach them to trust and value their choices while feeling good about whom they are instead of how to avoid punishment or succumb to peer pressure.

Positive Parenting Courses

Currently no Positive Parenting Courses available