Cana Therapeutic and Support Services

We are committed to provide professional therapeutic and support services within a Christian perspective, aimed at accompanying our clients toward achieving their desired goals as individuals, couples and members of healthy families.  By Christian perspective we mean that we respect with dignity each person, requesting our services, for who they are without reservations.

Our therapeutic and support services include:

  • Counselling and psychotherapy service for couples and individuals
  • Child and adolescent psychological service
  • Family therapy service
  • Infertility counselling support service
  • Couple and family reconciliation service
  • Personalised parent / care giver coaching service

Our commitment is to give the best therapeutic and support services to all clients who contact us in a prompt, consistent and professional way by assigning them their first appiontment within a week.

This service is against a very subsidised fee. However, we make it appoint that it remains accessible to all.

You can reach us on 22238000, 79014827, 79011435 or our emails on [email protected] or [email protected]

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